Walisch & Partner – Professional private detective agency and security firm

The four core areas of our service spectrum as a detective agency and security firm are obtaining evidence, carrying out observations and investigations as well as providing security services. Since we cooperate closely with professional colleagues at home and abroad, we can work for our clients not only on a state and national level but also on an international level. Law offices as well as private enterprises and persons have been among our long-standing clients. Our close-knit and efficient network with colleagues at home and abroad enables us to complete our orders properly to all intents and purposes and to the fullest satisfaction of our clients.

In the private domain, experienced detective work with integrity is in demand at the latest when it comes down to obtaining concrete evidence and performing observations. The clients need evidence for possible court proceedings, which means figures, dates and facts. In this context, detectives need to be especially careful and discreet because the order often concerns the sphere of personal privacy. It is self-evident for us to observe and comply with the law and legislation at all times, as required. We want to get neither our clients nor ourselves into a legally dubious situation that could lead to problems in court at the latest.

As an experienced security firm, we work mainly in the area of property and event protection. As a professional security firm, we can best process orders if we are involved from the very beginning, meaning already at the beginning of the planning stage. Then, we can appropriately bring in our experiences as well as our know-how at this stage. That’s also one of the reasons why confidentiality and discreetness are of the utmost importance to the work of our security firm.

In Austria, expenses for commissioning a detective in a situation where this is necessary are considered so-called legal costs for which the costs-by-cause principle applies and which can be reclaimed from the causer / injuring party in most of the cases according to § 1295 ABGB (Austrian Civil Code).

That means that although you have to pay for detective operations at first, you can later reclaim the costs from the causer (e.g. from the adulterer / adulteress, the marriage troublemaker, disloyal coworkers in case of theft or calling in sick fraudulently or from the offender in case of defamatory statements etc.) by filing a claim for damages with the court.

As a general rule, Austrian courts do award the expenses for necessary detective services to the injured party as well.

Of course, as a professional detective agency and security firm, we are registered with the competent company register court, the Regional Court of (Landesgericht) Klagenfurt as well as with the General Commercial Group of Professional Detectives, Security Industry.

It’s also important to know that professional detectives and their assistants are legally bound to secrecy according to § 252 GewO. (Industrial Code) regarding the matters they have been entrusted with.

Due to the strict requirements on their education, training and admission to the profession, professional detectives are not just implementing authorities when it comes down to security and legal issues but they are also functionally competent to give advice due to their knowledge of the law, which has been examined.

Professional detectives represent solely the interests of their clients and are independent and free from any undue external influence as well. Therefore, they are considered neutral and particularly credible witnesses in court.

Let us convince you of our efficiency. Feel free to call us our email us in order to set up a meeting and tell us about your situation. We will provide you with an objective estimation that will be relevant to the case and then, you can freely decide whether you want to hire us to get required evidence or to perform observations or investigations for you.