Security Service

The presence of security staff guarding private, company or public property is crucial for the protection from crimes against property. This way, offenses can already be prevented in advance.

Security and professionalism are also a matter of course for us when it comes down to event protection. We can refer to our long-term experience in this area also. The logistical and personnel efforts of an operation depend on the respective event.

Careful planning beforehand is decisive for that.

Aside from the official work of law enforcement agencies, only professional detectives have been authorized to provide personal protection (from dangers for life and limb). In our occupation, we base ourselves on the most modern equipment, our long-standing experience and the continual training of our coworkers. Therefore, we are reliable and competent partners when it comes down to professional security services.

Detailed information on security services:

  • Event protection (surveillance and access control)
  • Residential buildings and property protection
  • Parking lot service staff
  • House-sitting
  • Construction site surveillance
  • Surveillance and access control on business opening
  • Company events